A Look into a DMX Universe

One Dmx Universe universe contains a maximum of 512 Channels. Note these are channels not fixtures. Each fixture (Lighting unit) may use multiple channels.

For example a common fixture could use four channels the function of these channels could be :

  • Channel 1: Dimmer
  • Channel 2: Red
  • Channel 3: Green
  • Channel 4: Blue

If you had five of the same fixtures as an example you would need to use 20 channels to have independent control of all five fixtures. you would then need to set the address on each fixture. It does not matter in the order you number your fixtures address, you could make fixture ones address as 5 , fixture two as 9, three as 13, four as17, then the last address 1.

if you wanted all the the fixtures to be in sync and controlled by just four channels, you can set all five of these lights to the same channel number.

Wiring DMX is very simple using a 3 pin XLR cable you wire from one fixture to the next, Note the need to use DMX cable not a microphone cable, which has a different impedance (110 ohms vs  between 45 and 75 ohms on standard microphone cable).

Using the wrong cable can result in light flickering and not acting as they should. The end fixture in the chain should also have an end terminator plug inserted in the “out connection”

DMX Splitters

The maximum distance permissible for a DMX signal is 300m. If you need longer distances, DMX Splitters are required, The maximum number of 32 DMX fixtures per DMX daisy-chain, Before a splitter is used

Dmx Lighting wiring
Dmx End of line
Dmx Splitter

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