Next show at Callington’s Prim-Raf Theatre will be:

Director: David McCarroll

Co-Producers: Julie Baldwin and Terri Wilcox

SHOW DATES:  26th & 27th April / 3rd & 4th May 2024

This amateur production of ‘Kindly Leave the Stage’ is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Contact the Producers for more information at:

[email protected]



Box Office:  Noakes, Habermehl & Kerr Opticians, Fore Street, Callington.

For more information, see the prim-Raf website



Tickets are on sale with availability at the time of writing (book-tickets-here)

Only one more rehearsal untill the show opens at the PrimRaf in callington on the 15th of February.

The Cast and crew have been working so hard over the last few months to bring you the first show of 2024 in the PrimRaf.

It has been a pleasure to be working alongside such a friendly cast and crew on my first ever panto, with me working behind the scenes on the lighting. I hope you will enjoy watching as much we all have had working on it.

All the cast, crew and Committee members are volunteer’s and work so hard on and off the stage. If you would like to join the PrimRaf see for more information..


I have signed on to help with the 2024 Pantomime at Callington Prim-Raf Theatre. Having enjoyed a few Pantomime’s at the Prim-Raf Theatre over the years.

It is really exciting to be able to work on a Pantomime from the Technical side of things.

‘Snowenna and the Seven Piskies’

by Rose Bradley & Janice Smith
Adapted by Allana Hansell

Director: Allana Hansell

Assistant Director: Marshall Plummer

Co-Producer: Linda Cartwright

Co-Producer: Julie Baldwin

SHOW DATES: 15, 16, 17 and 22, 23, 24 February 2024

Contact Co-producer, Julie Baldwin for more information:
[email protected]



From our Box Office:  Noakes, Habermehl & Kerr Opticians, Fore Street, Callington

or phone 07856 988195 to arrange to collect from the theatre.

Snowenna and the Seven Piskies
Snowenna and the Seven Piskies @ Callington Prim-Raf

About the Prim-Raf Theatre

Volunteers Wanted
are you able to help?

We are actively looking for volunteers to help in areas of our Theatre. 

Set Builds – Helping to assemble/build the set, hang backcloths and assist fixing unexpected problems!  We really do need men or ladies to help with set builds for all of our future productions.

Stage Manager – The Stage Manager is responsible to the Producer for construction of the set, stage props and for running backstage activities throughout the production.  Production nights, ensure all cast and back stage crew are ready. To signal when curtains are ready and the show starts.

Backstage Crew – Work as part of a team of crew to move scenery and props on and off-stage during performances and to assist in organising the props backstage.

Props Manager – Making or sourcing props for our shows.  Working with others helping with props.  Ensuring all props are off-stage on show nights and ready for cast.​

Technical – Lighting & Sound – We have a very up-to-date sound & lighting board but few hands to operate it.  If you are interested in this side of things, we would love to hear from you.  John is ready to show anyone interested how to our system and lights work.

Directors – We are always looking for people who can direct either Plays, Pantomimes and One-Act Plays.

If you feel that you would like to find out more about any of these roles, how we work at our theatre or even to come and meet us, then please contact us for more information on [email protected]


A Look into a DMX Universe

One Dmx Universe universe contains a maximum of 512 Channels. Note these are channels not fixtures. Each fixture (Lighting unit) may use multiple channels.

For example a common fixture could use four channels the function of these channels could be :

  • Channel 1: Dimmer
  • Channel 2: Red
  • Channel 3: Green
  • Channel 4: Blue

If you had five of the same fixtures as an example you would need to use 20 channels to have independent control of all five fixtures. you would then need to set the address on each fixture. It does not matter in the order you number your fixtures address, you could make fixture ones address as 5 , fixture two as 9, three as 13, four as17, then the last address 1.

if you wanted all the the fixtures to be in sync and controlled by just four channels, you can set all five of these lights to the same channel number.

Wiring DMX is very simple using a 3 pin XLR cable you wire from one fixture to the next, Note the need to use DMX cable not a microphone cable, which has a different impedance (110 ohms vs  between 45 and 75 ohms on standard microphone cable).

Using the wrong cable can result in light flickering and not acting as they should. The end fixture in the chain should also have an end terminator plug inserted in the “out connection”

DMX Splitters

The maximum distance permissible for a DMX signal is 300m. If you need longer distances, DMX Splitters are required, The maximum number of 32 DMX fixtures per DMX daisy-chain, Before a splitter is used

Dmx Lighting wiring
Dmx End of line
Dmx Splitter

#creepyshed news — October 2023

News from the Creepyshed …

Halloween Disco

Great turnout to the Town Hall for the Halloween Party

Vocal Footprint

Planning has started for the 2024 show by Vocal Footprint, Which follows on from the amazing 2023 show Empower: a Cinderella Story. Not many details yet so watch this space.

Empower: a Cinderella Story, Show in July 2023 in Callington Town Hall

Follow this link for news and announcements on the upcoming show.

Engagement party

Smoke in the lighting

In Callington Town Hall for a beautiful couple Sophie and Jasmine. All The best for your upcoming wedding

Proudly powered

Halloween 2023