Oz the Musical, In Callington Town Hall, February 2025, By Vocal Footprint

Another year another show

We are pleased to be able to work on another show with Vocal Footprint, Working with the sound and lighting and maybe a few special effects. The show this year will be Oz The Musical. Taking place in Callington Town Hall. This follows on from the 2023 show which was such a fun show to work on.

About Vocal Footprint

Vocal Footprint is a community interest company that believes in the power of performing arts to make a difference. Through our programs and performances, we aim to empower individuals to find and share their voice, inspire change in the community, and create a lasting impact. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued, encouraged, and empowered to explore their creativity through active involvement in regular performances within the community.


To find out about Vocal Footprint check these links: Facebook, VocalFootprint.com, 2023 show

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Oz the Musical, Coming soon!

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